Robert W

Robert W

Robert began his employment with “The Advanced Construction Group” as an Estimator in October, 2018. He has experience in all levels of business from working with small contractors to working with Vice Presidents of multi-billion dollar corporations.

He has been married to his wife, Gwenn, for 22 years and she is a Caregiver to the elderly. Roberts says before he met Gwenn he was 22 years old and going down a road that was going to cause him a lot of problems. Meeting his wife turned his life around. Together, Robert and Gwenn have three children. Their daughter, Gabrielle is a hotel manager and student at Columbus State. Just last year she married her husband, Joseph. Their son, Robert, is a student at University of Toledo and Wyatt is a senior at Anthony Wayne High School.

Robert is a true family man. To him, family is everything, “everything else is replaceable”. When the family is together they enjoy playing “Gin Rummy”. They also enjoy camping, going to Silver Lake sand dunes, Black Friday shopping and spending Thanksgiving and Christmas together. He would really enjoy going on a Caribbean cruise at New Years with his family. Another trip he would enjoy is going to China for work.

For fun Robert enjoys hunting, fishing, movies and bowling. He also enjoys making an old family recipe drink from down South. If he were to sing karaoke, he would probably choose either “Aint goin’ down til the sun comes up”, “Pour Whiskey on my Grave” or “Seven Spanish Angels”.

Robert has two collections, movies and musical instruments. His favorite TV shows are “Good Doctor” and “Survivor”. It’s a three way tie for movies that he can watch and never get tired of, they are the “Star Wars” series, the “Fast and the Furious” series, and the “Harry Potter” series. His favorite restaurant is “Rudy’s BBQ” in Texas and Oklahoma. During football season you will find him cheering for the “Dallas Cowboys”, “Tennessee Volunteers” or “Michigan Wolverines”!