AJ is a Roofing Laborer in our roofing division and began his employment with “Advanced Construction Group” in March, 2021.

AJ’s family includes his significant other, Katelyn, a Sales Manager at a Manufacturing Company, his children Eden (10) and Ryan (5), and his parents Glen H. and Sara C.

His favorite game his family likes to play is The Squirl Game and his favorite tradition is to eat out every Friday with his family. The thing AJ likes to do the most for fun is play Video Games.

Something AJ will have reason to celebrate is his birthday on December 4th.

AJ’s coveted collection is his Vinyl Records.  His guilty pleasure is picking on his kids and extended family.

The things he can’t live without are air, food, water, and tea.

The person that has made the biggest difference in his life is his Uncle Andrew.

The song AJ would sing at Karaoke night is Voodoo by Godsmack.


Vacation:  A resort on the Dominican Republic

TV Show: “So I’m a Spider, so what?”

Movie:  Hook

Restaurant:  R Diner

Sports Team:  Pittsburgh Steelers