Joaquin R

Joaquin is celebrating his recent promotion as a Part Time Estimator for “Advanced Construction Group” after previously being a Roofing Laborer.  He began his employment in November, 2018.

Joaquin comes from a family of 5.  His Dad, Jose is a Commercial Printer.  His Mom, Janna, is a Recruiter for a local Healthcare Company.  His parents are the people who have made the biggest difference in his life.  He has a brother Jose, who is a Programmer/Developer, and a sister Julianna who is getting her degree in Early Childhood Education.  Joaquin is currently single.   His favorite games to play with his family are Cards against Humanity or Fill or Bust.  Some of his favorite family traditions are family game nights, and Day of the Dead.

Some hobbies Joaquin enjoys are woodworking, working on home improvement projects, and going to the gym.  He wakes up at 4:15am six days a week to work out and start his day.  For fun, along with working out he likes to run.

Some of the things he can’t live without are going to the gym, his family and Arnold Palmer’s (tea with lemonade), which is his guilty pleasure.

Joaquin’s favorite vacation he went on was Christmas in San Francisco, CA.   His favorite movie is World War Z and his favorite TV show is Breaking Bad.  His favorite restaurant is Ocean Garden Buffet (Chinese American Food).   His favorite sports teams are The Ohio State Buckeyes Football, and Barcelona Soccer.

The song he would sing at a Karaoke night would be “If I had a Million Dollars” by Barenaked Ladies.


Other Favorites:

Food:  Ribs

Color:  Green

Dream car:   2019 Chevy Camaro

Dream vacation:  Trip to Paris, France