Dianne O

Dianne O

February 25, 2019

Dianne is the Administrative Assistant for “The Advanced Construction Group”.  She began her employment in February, 2019.  She has many years of office experience in the Construction and the Technology Industries.

Dianne was born and raised in West Toledo.  She currently lives in Temperance, MI. with her husband of 10 years Shawn, on their family’s farm.  They have 3 dogs:  Miley, Morgan, and Mandy, and 3 cats:  Pumpkin, Sparky, and Spots.  She was born the 5th of 6 girls, all of who still live in the Toledo area.  She has 12 nieces and nephews, and 8 great nieces and nephews.

Dianne and Shawn work from May to November on the family farm, and they sell produce at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  Osborn Farms is best known for their green beans, serving many generations.  She loves spending every Sunday at the lake with family during the summer months, and Sunday dinner at Mom’s the rest of the year, where most of her family gathers together each week.  It is one of her favorite traditions.

Her favorite hobby is to be “The Aunt that goes to all of the games”.  She has spent many years, and much time, watching many of her nieces and nephews play their favorite sports.  She also likes going to craft shows in her spare time.

Dianne’s favorite TV shows are “The Big Bang Theory”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Friends”.  Her guilty pleasure is watching “Maury”.  She has a very eclectic taste in music, listening to anything from 70’s Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Country, to current artists.  A song she would sing at a Karaoke night would be “Faithfully” by Journey.

Her favorite sport to watch on TV is College Football.  Her favorite teams are Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Her favorite vacation was a Caribbean Cruise she went on with some of her family around 2006.  She’s hoping to take a cruise soon with her husband, so he can experience what a great vacation it is.