Jacob M

Jacob began his employment in May of 2019.  He is a Construction Laborer for “Advanced Construction Group”.  Jacob was recently named the Employee of the Month for the month of August and received some tools as a Thank You Gift.

Jacob has been married to his wife Jenelle, a college student, for 10 months and they have a son named Jaxon.  He and his family are looking forward to celebrating the birth of their daughter Joanna very soon.

His favorite game to play with his family is Greed, and his favorite tradition is celebrating family holidays and family vacations.

Some hobbies Jacob enjoys are hunting, fishing, and playing softball.

The things he can’t live without in life are his children, and the person that has made the biggest difference in his life is his wife, Jenelle.

The song Jacob would sing at a Karaoke night is “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton.

Other Favorites:

Vacation:   Maine

TV Show:  Agents of Shield

Movie:    Waterboy

Restaurant:  Texas Road House

Sports Team:   The Ohio State University