Jerry B

Jerry is a general laborer in our metal and building divisions. He began his employment with “The Advanced Construction Group” in July, 2017.

Jerry was raised military and is an Air Force brat. He met his wife, Lori, at a carnival and they have been married for 32 years. Together they have seven children and eleven grandchildren with one more on the way! Their children are: Jerimy 42, Cori 41, Karie 39, Alisha 36, Kassi 30, Karlie 28 and Jerry Jr 26. They also have two dogs. A Pitbull named “Kid” and a German Shephard names “Fluke”.

On the weekends, Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren. His hobby is shooting pool.

Jerry’s favorite TV shows are “History Channel” and “Pickers”. His top actors are Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. His favorite movie is “Forrest Gump”. He enjoys listening to Classic Rock and his favorite bands are “Pink Floyd” and “Led Zepplin”.

Other Favorites:

Food: Lasagna

Drink: Beer

Color: Pink

Dream Car: 1971 Javelin

Dream vacation: He would like to go back to California.