Jon S.

Jon S.

Jon is our Project Safety Manager and began his employment with “The Advanced Construction Group” in July, 2017.  He was promoted to Production Coordinator for our roofing division in 2019 and in January of 2021 he was promoted to Project Safety Manager.

Jon has been married to his wife, Tanya, for 22 years.  She works in HR at Honeybaked Ham.  They have two children, Faith (19), who is a student at UT, and Patti Ann (12) who is in Junior High.  They also have two pets.  One is a Lab/Shepard mix named Remi and the other is a cat named Winston.

His favorite game his family likes to play is Yahtzee, and his favorite tradition is Holidays with his family.  The thing Jon likes to do the most for fun is spending time with his family.

The people that have made the biggest difference in his life is his wife and kids.

Jon’s hobbies include: hunting, fishing and camping.

You won’t see Jon doing Karaoke night anytime soon.


Dream car: Dodge 3500 Crewcab….he’s getting closer, as he currently owns a 2500 now.

Dream vacation: A beach in the Caribbean

Sports Team:  Michigan Wolverines