Josh K

Josh began his employment in November of 2020.  He is a Service Foreman for Advanced Roofing Services, a Division of “Advanced Construction Group”.

Josh’s family includes his parents Scott and Alix, his daughter Avery and his son Simon.  His Dad is a Charter Boat Captain and his Mom is retired.   A favorite game he likes to play with his kids is baseball.  His favorite tradition with his family is 4th of July at his family’s cottage in Port Sanilac, MI.

Josh’s hobbies include Art, Skateboarding, and Reading.

His coveted collection is the Art Collection he has.

The things he can’t live without is Food, Water, and Oxygen.  The people that have made the biggest difference in his life are his Dad and his children.

The song he would sing at Karaoke night is – Nope, not happening!

The favorite vacation Josh has been on is to Big Sky Montana.


Other Favorites:  

TV Show:  Ice Road Truckers

Movie:  Fight Club

Sports Team:   Green Bay

Restaurant:  Ahmed’s Steakhouse