Kathy B

Kathy began her employment in May, 2019.  She is the Accountant for “Advanced Construction Group”.

Kathy has been married to her husband Jeff, an Operations Manager, for 10 years.  They have two children, their son John, and their daughter Mya.  Her favorite game to play with her family is Amazon Alexa Trivia.  Her favorite tradition is Christmas with her family.

Some of Kathy’s favorite hobbies are shopping and decorating.  For fun, she likes to travel.

Recently Kathy and her family celebrated their daughter Mya’s 8th birthday, and their son John’s graduation from Sheet Metal School.

Her guilty pleasure is wine, and something she can’t live without is coffee.

The two people that have made the biggest difference in her life are her husband Jeff and her friend Victoria.


Food:  Italian and Mexican

Vacation:  Jamaica

TV Show:   Seal Team

Movie:  The Notebook

Sports Team:  The Ohio State Buckeyes